Sunday, February 5, 2012

The First Page of Page Two


It's been five and a half years since my wife and I along with our yellow lab Luca moved into a house larger than anything we could have imagined that we could afford. Oh, it needed a lot of work but the main living space on the ground floor was in a semi livable condition and I put a tag of five years work to bring this old house back from the grave that it was surly headed for. With 8 acres of wooded land and a driveway that resembled an old country road, the privacy and wildlife maintained big smiles on our faces daily. Look where we live, was something said with awe to each other almost daily and every trip up the driveway Coming around the last bend of the 1900' paved driveway and seeing our house sitting on the edge of the hill over looking the river always made us smile, look where we live!  

Now it's time to move on or out of this beautiful home. All the improvements we could afford have been completed and it is currently listed for sale. Our next home will be waterfront from the cockpit of a catamaran sailboat, hopefully a Gemini 105Mc.