Thursday, November 14, 2013

It Is What It Is....

   ...Updated below...

For day three we're hoping to get a nice finish coat of epoxy on the deck surface, so here at day two with yesterdays major filling of the soggy core fully cured over night  we were able to remove tape, clean up the edges, scrape and sand the hardened filler, re-mask, make flat plywood "covers" wrapped in wax paper to leave a clean surface when we put on the top coat of micro-light epoxy filler.

    Another full day got us removing the fifth and final stanchion of the port side and giving it a "catch-up" of what we had done to all the others, soggy core removed and filled with epoxy. Here I'm filling the last of the voids on deck just before giving the waxed paper plywood a slather of thickened epoxy and forcing it down on the deck so the epoxy will be forced out from the edges to leave a flat clean surface somewhat flush with the deck.

   At this point, squishing down the plywood plate to the deck level and scooping the smoodge away from it's edges is as far as you can go, "seeing" what your doing.....

...because once it's down.......It Is What It Is....and you wont see what it really is till you pull the wax paper when it's fully cured!


With a morning rain, dampening the decks I was able to pop off the plates and soggy tape to see it isn't all that bad being what it is!

They might be a little more proud than what I wanted but they can be sanded out to blend a bit better.


  1. ...and I thought you were just going to be galavanting across the Seven Seas without a care....

  2. Replies
    1. Ashamed at how dirty the decks are. Scrubbed it all 4 weeks ago.


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