Monday, November 25, 2013

It's Been Cold

  Anywhere you need to employ an electric heater to remain comfortable on a boat is nowhere I want to be! Granted we have the luxury of plugging in said heater as we are comfortably here tied to a dock with electricity, this will not last!

  Now, soon come, we head off by land into the zone of snow and even colder temperatures to do the final paperwork on the riddance of a house. It will lighten our burden greatly and give us a freedom of choice unmatched in the world of land based homes. We may go where we wish, as we wish, as we see fit. Thinking much more south and east!

  There's a tad more exploratory work that really needs to be done on the boat before we comfortably head in that SE direction away from the convenience of having anything you need just a short drive or a mailing address away. Got to sell my truck too! A hopefully somewhat short stint (under 4 weeks), at a working boatyard hauled out, should give us a more confident feeling to venture out and SE seeking the lands of no electric way! The land of a chilly seldom seen night,  has you digging into the depths of seldom seen lockers for a light, cotton, long sleeved shirt....and maybe long pants!


  1. Still cold here in Knoxville. Hopefully we won't be too far behind you on the trek south and east....

  2. Doug, in Kingston now with snow on the ground. Jost van Dyke would be better.....


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