Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The New Year!...

   ...brings us getting more and more comfortable on and in our new home. An ever ending series of projects is part of the life, you can ask any cruiser, live aboard sailor at the dock, at anchor or on the move, there is always a list with priorities that can instantly be put on the back burner till the "new" recently found priority is fixed. We're happy in our cluster filled life even though we haven't even gotten off the dock. Soon come.

  We should be away this week, even after the planned New Years Day departure has been canceled due to extraordinary new priorities that were found and that have been rectified, but leave us not wanting to "rush" off if we don't need too.  Relax....we're cruising through life. Our haul out day isn't until Monday.

  The head project has been completed but not really being used in full because of our close proximity to the  many warm flushing full size heated toilets just up the end of the docks. We have used it for the liquid variety of waste for the last couple of weeks and it works fine other than I wish to improve on the jug emptying process. Everything flows just fine but needs to be easier for removal.  I'll work it out.

Here is in the early stages...

   Here is the as is collecting of liquid that needs some improvement, only for the ease of removal. I may just run it to the bilge in a larger container that's easily accessible from the main sole hatch.

  I built a custom size bin to store peat-moss after an exhaustive shopping hunt for the exact right size that would hold as much as possible. A 3 cubic foot package can now be stuffed into this bin and two 5 gallon buckets, with a little left over that can be easily stowed away until needed. After staining and sealing, the box is secured in place. Here also shows the gasket for the top of the box.

  Here it is finished with toilet seat gasket, vents and a scoop ready for the first boom boom.

  Bring on the New Year!


  1. Speechless. A well engineered crapper sir.

  2. Where did you get the hardware (seat,diverter,vent)?
    Is your plan to fill bucket and then set somewhere to compost?

    1. Bought the pretty blue thing from http://www.ecovita.net/privy.html

      The seat and gasket material at Lowes and the vent is a small computer fan hosed to outside the hull.

      No plans to compost it, nearest dumpster should be fine.

  3. Huh who'd a thought; you that's who. W :)ay to "go" guy

  4. If you have trouble finding peat moss, we bought a huge chunk of coconut fiber at a nursery and then cut it into smaller, more easily stored chunks.

    1. Thanks. So far we're finding that we use so little of the peat moss and had to buy so much, it's a storage issue.


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