Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Chug-Chug Pluging Along

I've been busy. The camera is seldom in my thoughts.

I made up some fiberglass backing plate for the new installation of all thru-hulls. There will be 8, instead of 12 below the water-line. There are still too many just above the water-line, but I might have to live with that for awhile. I'll more than likely take them all out too and re-bed them.

I'm using the rebuild kits from PERKO on 4 of the 1 1/2" thru-hulls but bought new thru-hull mounting castings and ball valves on the the four  3/4"

The large backing plates are epoxied in place and I have the 4 big boys all dry-fitted and drilled.

Still have to counter-bore holes and cut and size bronze bolts before final installation with Sikaflex 291 bedding.

Still have to cut backing plates for 3/4" thru-hulls and epoxy in place. Then dry-fit and get them all ready for final installation also.

Did I mention it's going to be in the low 30's in the morning with gusty winds beating down the marsh right up my ass? I will take this opportunity to drive to Georgia and pick up my new Aqualoy 22 Stainless Steel prop shaft and new cutlass bearing from the prop shop. Maybe the wind will die down by the time I get back at noon.

During all this time I have been also addressing the giant crack in the very bottom of the boat, it's kinda been a secret to the blog but if you remember, the big hunk removal, was a key feature of this project. I've ground out poundage, and lots of it, of the old repairs to this  delicate little nightmare in the design of these wonderful boats. Layer and layer, little by little, I shall build a new bottom.

It's all happening, I'm just not showing pictures.

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  1. And I know the bottom will be better than new.


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