Sunday, February 23, 2014

Doing Your Own Work. Be Confident!

  Keeping a seaworthy boat afloat is a tremendous amount of work, with some really, really awesome dreams come true along with it. Many can afford to pay others to do things they haven't even tried to do and bully for them, it's just money. Some have it, some don't. The dream of owning and maintaining a seaworthy boat is still open to both.

  Those that have been following me here and in my past blog, know that I'm not too afraid to try any repair. Even if I never did it before, my somewhat diverse work background will soon enough let me know if I'm doing a decent enough job at it or if I should really call in who I call, "the real guys." Cough up the money and have skilled workers who have done that job over and over numerous times to take me out of the jam. You have to be careful who you pick as a real guy too, there are many slippery slopes in life.

  Fortunately for me here at the boatyard I haven't had the need to hire any of the boatyard workers to get a whole shitload of very costly work in terms of labor done, I did my own work.  This being my first fiberglass boat the hull repairs are similar to other small less critical repairs I've made in the past but was still confident to bumble through it learning as I go. Confident, that's the biggest deal right there.

  Now, I'd like to tell you about this young woman who caught the bug, so decided she would buy a sailboat on her own, learn to maintain it, sail it and live the dream. Bold yes, but confident. After finding her supposedly dream boat in Panama ( I believe she bought this boat sight unseen) she figured she would do a weekly video on You Tube to document the whole learning curve. She has, and still is doing these videos every week and I must strongly recommend you start at the beginning and meet this young woman. They are short 3 to 5 minute videos but be warned, this is an addicting story, video by video. She has also started a Facebook page but like I said, to really meet this amazing young woman start with the videos. I'll leave you the links in a bit.

  I'm letting you all know about her at this time because as you'll see, she has battled many problems on her own and got past them, but recently she's up against a big one. It seems really big, looks really big, could cost really big, but if she sets her mind once again to confident, I believe she can do this! There are some followers (she has more and more every week cheering her on) telling her to give up, cut your loses.....give up your dream. I hope she does what a very practical and skilled  blogger friend (Boat Bits) of mine thinks she needs...another specialty tool, a good book on how to use it and some material to do her own work. Untie the lines, live her own dream and follow through on it!

Good Luck Nike

Here's the first video... Untie The Lines #1
White spot Pirates

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