Sunday, March 23, 2014

Thawing Out

   The trip south from St Augustine was almost uneventful. We did see improvement on the engine coolant issue the first day, no blowing coolant out of the reservoir and none leaking, so we knew it was staying in the engine. I bled out the thermostat housing while the engine was running under full load at 2000 RPM and 180 degrees. The issue turned out to be, we had an air block in the closed system and this rectified it and all went back to normal. We were actually able to run the engine up to 2500 RPM with no scary symptoms. Maybe next trip I'll see if I can get her to her supposed maximum which is 3600 RPM. Of course that would mean the prop is perfectly matched and that's a big wish. If this baby does 3000 RPM I'll be satisfied.

   The first day out of St Augustine about noon time we crossed paths with northbound The Nina and The Pinta which I had worked on a few years back in Bayou La Batre, Alabama. I hailed across the channel and recognized  first mate Vic who also recognized me. A quick chat on the VHF radio and we parted. A real bummer we hadn't stayed one more day in St Augustine as we would have been able to catch up and Vicky could have seen the two boats.

   The starter on the engine, was being very touchy and I suspected the solinoid was the problem. Every morning it got harder to start the engine and once it did I ran the whole day just hoping it would do it's main, and most important job the next morning, and just START. After three days we made it to Vero Beach City Marina and the next day after we had rafted up to a Beneteau, (this harbor is always crowded this time of year so they double and triple up on the moorings if needed)  I found the problem to be as simple as the negative battery cable has loosened up. The other major find during this 3 day run......a leaky fuel tank. That will come up in a future doubt!


   So now we're all nestled down and thawing out from our northern Florida frigid work session and doing more of the doo daa in an awesome marina right across from the dingy dock, free buses to ANYWHERE in town, the beach less than a mile away. We'll be here at least a week maybe two maybe more, it fools soooooo good here. I did get that flag hung.....


  1. Good to hear from you. It sounds like you and Vicky are started on a wonderful adventure my friend and no doubt are both well equipped to deal with any curves that your new home has to send your way. Enjoy the sun and relaxation, it looks like a good life.

  2. The flag is a beautiful addition. many spare props are you packin'?

    1. Just one, The original solid bronze that has had the pitch changed.


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