Tuesday, July 15, 2014

There Goes An Hour And I'm Not Happy.

   Tried messing around with changing things up here at Page Two. I'm mostly disappointed, but I will no doubt leave it for a while. This silly shit takes so much time, I lose interest before I get what I think I really want!

I have been doing things....
(installing mast steps)

Can you find the pencil?

And Vicky too...
(sewing a sun cover for the boat)

Can you find the back scratcher?


  1. Welcome back... Good to see you and the pencil are still hanging around!

  2. Sure! The second pencil is behind your ear, and this after you dropped it down onto deck and had to go down and get it.

    The backscratcher must be way under the fabric where she couldn't possibly find it when she needed it.

    S/V Daystar

  3. Close Greg! But not so close. You found the pencil but the back scratcher is in plain view. Close to the clock, that should get you close enough! ;)

    How are you guys doing? We're 'close'ing on a small house here in Vero this Friday. Rent should supply cruising funds.


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