Saturday, December 20, 2014

Few Things Been Happening

Had a brain fart for an easy no see-um screen for our Lewmar ports. Cut out Styrofoam and stitched the screen to it ....worked awesome.
 Fits right in there and am able to remove from inside when the rain cometh.
 Had some hands on sea food and found a mudder ....Oh Well!
 Have been digging in to the electronics of wind power to make better.
 Bought a new tender for the boat that can row as well as motor and sail. Dyer Dow.
 Need to secure the oars from theft so I went on to build a home made version of Edsons oar clamps that cost a wee to much money. 

 I think this lock is going to be down right pretty when it's set on the thwart of that Dyer. Below is tyhe the new future mast and boom to said Dyer dingy because .....I have a few things in the kettle these days.
 And of course there is always time to admire boats that I think I wish I is a 1970 William Atkin's designed ketch that blows me away for beauty and form!

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