Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Few More Comforts

How bad could it be heading south on the boat we bought to do the Great Loop of the eastern United States, but never had the chance?  Curtains, frills, tools, bedding, ice chest and a galley full of provisions along with sufficient ground tackle, some electronics, charts, fold up bikes, a tender with a small 2HP with oars.....whats missing?  Us!

The truth is, we don't expect this to be the ultimate winter cruise, especially in this old girl, but we know what to expect, the good, the great, the shitty, the just OK. We'll take it as it comes, all of it, because we've done this style of cruising before and of course we've been TRYING to avoid it again at this age, but....things are what they are and the house HAS to sell before we go to the next level.

The tank sizes (water and waste holding),their location and mounting is what's filling the back of my mind. Must decide soon the location and size to order, or have made locally.

Oh! Today I turn 59 years of age, but that's only if you count from the time my mother birthed me. 


  1. I'm excited about this. Good plan B. Kind of like I got blown out for a labor day St Croix trip by two storms headed that way so my plan B was to go to Key Largo. Key Largo is going to be blown out by said storms so I am lake diving in SC. Plan C.

    You really need an iPad and iPhone. Avionics man.

    1. The boat will still be for sale so Plan C could be at any time.


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