Monday, August 20, 2012

What's Next?


       Without a single bite/call of interest on our house in the last 9 months we're starting to look at options for the coming winter. We have a boat, a 32' boat that can bring us on an excellent adventure south through the rivers to the Gulf of Mexico and on down to the Florida shores and if one had a hankerin' he could head on over to Galveston, Texas and no doubt find work. So this Sunday I took a different look at MALIHINI with a view of what would need to be done before sometime in November so that Vicky and I will be good to go to move aboard and make our way south to warmer weather and find work for me. We'll leave the house for sale but shut it down and pre-pay the utilities.


First, is a head/toilet rebuild and holding tank with plumbing to complete.

Second, is a fresh water tank with plumbing to complete.

Third, is an engine love fest by me. Complete tune up with fluid changes, filters and spares.

Fourth, windows, ports and door gaskets, must keep the rain out. Some are good, some are not.

Fifth, shut down the house on the hill and move aboard MALIHINI.

Sixth, play it by ear, let the adventure begin. We'll haul out on the way at a working marina just as you leave the Tennessee River (you pay for in and out of water, elec etc and you can do your own work on the bottom (scrape and bottom paint, through-hulls etc) I've heard it's a great marina for the worker guy! 

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  1. Not a bad interim plan B. Adventure is adventure.


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