Monday, August 27, 2012


I must say it was a little discouraging going to MALIHINI this weekend with an outlook of addressing the work that needs to be done for moving aboard as opposed to a casual cruise on the river on a Sunday afternoon. When I lifted the aft cockpit hatch to look more closely as to what this space could be for cruising storage out in the weather as it is, a good trickle of water was running down the garboard/keelson that made me look further.  Seems we have some weepage at the fashion piece below the water-line. I emptied the space and poked around with a sharp knife and determined it's not a direct threat to the sinking of the boat but definitely an issue that has to be addressed at haul-out (sarcasm mingled with wooden boat reality).

Moving inside to seek a location for new  fresh water tank/tanks my first impression was it'll be tougher to install tankage without digging deeper into exhaust piping and steerage (I so don't want to!). So, the fresh water tank may be less than optimal in size for the effort I wish to put into this old girl for our 'second choice' trip to warmer weather. The holding tank installation (which this boat has never had) does look a tad easier to install than I had imagined.  Today I also pulled the old bronze Wilcox Crittenden head, and brought it home for the rebuild. I might like to see this tools bronze,  all clean and it's strength.

Now I have to start spending money....

...and my guts telling me K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) 


  1. Why are marine heads so complicated and ever failing when RV shitters are simple and work? Every boat I get on I am lectured about the damn commode because they are so friggin fragile and temperamental. We are told to pee and puke off the side and never ever shit. If one does shit don't use a big girly mitt of paper to wipe. That toilet looks like a death machine on the Green Mile.

    Sorry, you addressed a sensitive subject.

  2. An RV toilet only has to do two things, get the shit into the tank (and it's all downhill)and block off the stink from the tank. A marine head below the waterline is a complex intake and exit pump that can sink a boat if not treated with respect. Because it's a pump and a check valve keeping the ocean out, any foreign object can reek havoc inside the pump. And when landlubbers without proper respect and instructions screw things up, it's the captain that gets the hassle of dis-assembly and clean someone else's shit up. I've done it way to many times so if you come on my boat and want to use the head, expect clear and important instructions from me.


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