Saturday, September 1, 2012

Behind The Malihini Scene

   Fortunately enough for me I got a good job early this summer just 2 miles down the road finishing up an elaborate basement apartment. It all started about 4 years ago when I was hired to build a custom bar in a 18'X16' room in a basement. After a few instructions from the owner as to bar location, arches and some photos of the bar at the Ritz Carlton in Jamacia, he left me on my own to do "my" thing as he was busy out of state. He liked what I did, so the next winter he had me add another whole section of the same style woodwork which is all made from rough sawn African Mahogany. All the work was done in my basement shop with small power and hand tools and on site those 2 miles away. You can see those two winters work on this short video on You Tube.

   Now a couple of years later he has decided to make the whole basement a complete home suite with a full kitchen and of course, the bar. All this change is complete with more of the same woodwork of arches, raised panels and custom solid bars, chair rails and arched doors. A quality local cabinet shop is doing the kitchen cabinets, vanities and all the custom built mahogany doors along with producing mahogany mouldings, base, crown and miscellaneous trim. The picture here is of a new corner bar that I'm final shaping before installing in a new cubby corner that will also hold my wife;s custom stained glass of the family crest (you can get a glimpse of it in the video) which he now wants in a more prominent position in the apartment. You can see in the following pictures.

So much for me to do as he keeps adding, changing and creating this mahogany man cave of ...well work! I kinda joked to him that " I don't want to be here till Christmas" and he said " Don't worry that's not going to happen!" But yet he keeps it coming and it's only me and my simple basement shop. All these new doors hung and trimmed on top of another a whole room of panels and a 10" bar encompassing the whole room is starting to cramp
my plans for a trip south on the old girl MALIHINI.

It's tough for me to change gears from this kind of work to crawling around the bilges of a 77 year old wooden boat designing and engineering systems let alone moving tools to and from. But I did track down the rebuild kit to that 75 year old Wilcox Crittenden head in the last post. Leather gaskets and bronze balls for check valves, so I am making some progress behind the scenes.


  1. I guess the Wilcox Crittenden head was the iPod of its day...leather gaskets.....

  2. wReg, I'd think that if a cedar bucket is like the Chinese abacus this head is more like a slide rule.

  3. Something is rong......I don't see a Southpaw in any picture.

    1. Ahh...see the two small rectangular panels in the second picture near the ceiling, right behind each of those panels buried up in the bead board curved ceiling sit two proud cans of Southpaw (empty) next to my name and date scribbled on the back of the stile between those two panels.


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