Sunday, September 23, 2012

Not much has been happening on the front lines of Vicky and I getting out of this house. My work has the pressure building and my last visit to MALIHINI had me thinking, what the hell do I want to do all the work I envisioned on this boat just to make it bearable for a trip south when if I could get rid of it in a cheap sale we could then be on the hunt for a sailboat that is already miles ahead of old MALIHINI in the comfort factor not to mention sails and a diesel engine. This old Alberg is ready to go, maybe a little small for a mono hull but already in the islands and as cheap as the value of MALIHINI. There are hundreds of cheap sailboats even right here in Tennessee. We went and saw a couple within a few miles that we could buy for cash, although we will not own two boats at one time, especially one 76 years old, again. Been there, done that! Anyway, keeping the options open as I concentrate on getting my carpentry work done so it will be "our life" again.

Sure is a nice thought of getting on a boat like that Alberg in Porto Rico and taking a casual  downwind trip through the Bahamas and eventually back here up the river until the house goes.


  1. You do that. I will meet you in The Bahamas and you can pay me my $50.

    This sounds like a good plan too.

  2. Too bad you couldn't do a straight-across trade...


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