Saturday, May 11, 2013

What To Do!

Recently, Vicky and I have been offered the opportunity to rent a fully equipped catamaran in the Caribbean for about the same price of a nice apartment  or house. It's being considered at this time, while trying to work out the feasibility of maintaining someone else's boat and a boatload (hehe) of details to sort out if we're to make all parties happy and move forward.

Most of those who know us would ask, "Are you not buying your own boat to live on?"  Well yes, but we still have "Malihini" and the house which is the major funds for the new boat has not sold.  A while back, we made the decision that we'll not remain in the house for the coming winter so we'll offer it up for rent or maybe just have to keep paying the bills and hope for the best. "Malihini" just might end up being "a steal" for the right buyer because there is one thing I know for sure....I do not want to put in that much effort to make her even half way comfortable for us after all this work here, she's very old, we deserve better and she's not a sailboat. We could then purchase a modest priced (meaning maybe not well equipped) sailboat and head off on our own, making our own way.

Now we have an opportunity to gather up Luca, ourselves and be immediately immersed island style, back into the cruising lifestyle on a fully equipped cruising boat for the cost of about a long vacation in Europe. There is a lot to consider here with expenses and how both parties can feel comfortable with a deal (insurance, major repairs etc.) What to do? What to do? 

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  1. Follow your hearts. They know what to do better than brains.


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