Thursday, May 16, 2013

What To Do 2

  I'm considering doing a dirty deed today, behind my wife's back. Of course if I do in fact do this, it's early, I'm still sick, she will be the first to know when she returns from varnishing some of the interior teak trim on an Pearson 35 we are helping to restore for fairly good wages. I should be there working on the exterior teak but we have a contractor at the house doing a proper redo of the pink tub and sink in the master bedroom. White is the new look.

 This deed I'm considering, but only up to the inquiring stage, is something most everyone I know does at some point in their life. With the house not selling and as we lower the price more and more it seems we might be forced into renting the house if we want to get out and go sailing. With the offer of that catamaran(see last post), we are basically moving into a rental agreement ourselves with money only going out with no equity return. It might be possible to get enough rent for the house to cover that expense along with still paying a mortgage and fees to the rental agent but not likely. It's more of a, we deserve a vacation to beat the band and by golly we'll spend some money for it!

  Another option is if we can find a  moderately priced good cruising boat like this Mason 33 below that would meet our simple needs and we had enough of a cruising kitty to not start out broke, been there, done that, we're to old for that now, we could start our adventure with just the three of us and all the excitement of throwing off the dock lines when ready. The problem with this option is.....we don't have enough cash.

  One thing we do have is a huge amount of equity in this house, as our mortgage is tiny and smaller than most peoples rent. It's pretty obvious that the received rent we could get from this house could easily cover borrowing a small amount more on the house. That is how I purchased my first boat, maybe it's how we can purchase our next boat. Do you know how much we hate banks, especially at this time in our lives? What to do, what to do.


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  1. Tread carefully even though you SO want to be on the water...


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