Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Took A Load Off

Back when Vicky and I were both working at a funky old traditional boat yard in Cape Cod and after being without a sailboat for a few years, we bought an old girl to fix up and do the Great Loop. The plan was to go up the Hudson River to the Great Lakes, down the Mississippi to the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers out into the Gulf of Mexico southward into Florida and back up the Inter coastal Waterway, The Great Loop. A 1935 Elco Cruisette seemed to be the perfect choice for us.
After a year or so in Cape Cod with the boat along side our little cape home in a covered shed, all the while with us going through all the essentials to make her a seaworthy pal to us, we up and moved to Florida. She took the road trip in style on board a low-boy semi truck to her new purposely built barn at our new digs.

After two years more work but not quite getting her done we packed up once again and headed to the Tennessee Valley to a small town on the river. Another truck ride to the waters edge on Watts Bar Lake and she dropped into the water after almost 6 years being dry.
We didn't get a lot of time to work on her and only occasionally got the time during busy days to take a river cruise. It hurt us to have her, paying for a covered slip and not having the love and time to continue making her fit for the dream we had. She was a heavy load on our hearts and our wallet. Malihini never let us down, even over the last few days getting her ready for a new owner, she started with a passion for another season, ever hopeful we would lavish her with the love she deserves.
Malihini has new owners today, a small family full of enthusiasm, excitement and hopefully the ambition and wallet to keeping her the "prettiest boat in the marina." Good luck in Chattanooga Malihini!!!!!!


  1. I am proud to have experienced her on the river.

  2. ...just don't jump off her port side in two feet of water!


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