Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Future Diggs

We've made a choice for our next boat, a 1980 Pearson 424. She sits in a great cruisers marina about 5 miles inland from the ICW in  Brunswick, Georgia. Her name is "Painkiller" as in the famous Pusser's Rum drink of Tortola, BVI. We hope to document her with the USCG as "Page Two", hailing from Portsmouth, NH. 

She's a very comfortable boat with a classification as a cruiser, no racer here, or racer/cruiser, just a good strong go anywhere boat that will bring us safely wherever we choose.  We certainly were thinking of a smaller, keep it simple boat before finding her, but after looking at some catamarans and smaller mono hulls this boat spoke loud to us as "hey, we deserve to be comfortable" and a 42' boat has a lot of space. Her upgrades have been many and done with a strong commitment to use the best. Of course we already know some changes we'll be making as soon as possible, it's a boat!

Some old friends of mine bought one these years ago to do a season of charters through Nicholson's Yacht Charters (they used to be the only ones you know). They bought her in Maine I think and got a bunch of us friends together in Newport, RI to sail her down to Antigua to start their charter season. It was one of those GREAT deliveries with a bunch of good friends although I do remember one guy I didn't know, Hal, a friend of the owners family, he would argue that the sky was not blue or the sea was not really wet, he was just one of those guys.......our rotating watches gave us 2 hrs together in the cockpit every 8 hours. I'd argue that Hal is somewhere, but he might not agree.

Our next course of action is still, just get out of the house, sell it, rent it, but hell or high water we're out of here by the end of September and on the new boat. We'll get a local storage space in Brunswick and move our personal stuff and tools to it.  There won't be much left after one more major yard sale.  It's about a 7 1/2 hour drive from here but it will be close to the boat and the coast will be a better location to have our stuff than way inland Tennessee.



  1. Awesome (boat name). God speed. Bon Voyage.
    ...and happy trails.

  2. So exciting. I'd love to keep up via a blog or Facebook. I don't much look into sailing blogs but this would be the two fo you and that is something I would LOVE to see. Safety always Lu'


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