Sunday, August 25, 2013

Boat Stuff!

With less than 4 weeks before our move to the boat I've had to go through all the years of accumulation of boat stuff.  Old sails, canvas, life jackets, hardware, aluminum, stainless steel, nylon, lexan stock and sheets, anchors, fold up bikes, fenders, outboards, lines, rodes, chaff gear, gaff, inflatable dingy, cleats, nuts, bolts, bronze hardware, reflectors, solar panels, fenders, even a few galley tools, cups, pans, ice pick. Not to mention, the teak, oak and mahogany stock that can not be parted with!
Most of this stuff will not end up on the boat, but will be stored nearby so decisions can be made.

                                           Also, tools and tool boxes. This is one tough cookie for me as over all the years I've never been the one to have an organised box of every type of trade I work in. I'm basically trying to eliminate all the steel boxes and rearrange into plastic. I hope to be the guy that has it if I, or my neighbor need it.

The house is slowly being packed up also and after the grand yard sale (soon come), I can get to work going to the dump. I'll put most of the halfway decent stuff down at the end of the driveway first with a free sign for a day maybe two, but then to the burn pile or the dump. Very excited to be eliminating so much stuff and soon moving back to a space smaller than the cubic dimensions of our kitchen, very excited indeed!

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