Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Shared Peek

  After a full morning of unloading the really heavy stuff, my tools into the storage unit, I get a call from my brother who is driving down on his annual trip to Florida with his wife who is sharing the drive with my mom. The day before they were heading down to the Florida panhandle so Brunswick would be quite out of the way so we were not expecting to see them. They had a change of plans and were 2 hours from passing through Brunswick. Vicky and I hauled butt and finished filling the two units, drove to the hotel, showered and as Vicky was brushing her hair my phone rang again, they were out front. The timing was perfect. Something that could not of been done without the cell phone.

  We all got to go down and see the boat and the previous owner. It was great! After a short stay we saw my mom, brother and sister-in-law off so Vicky and and I could go back to the boat and get our first lessons from Earl on the electrical power system and engine.

  Then off for a wonderful dinner to celebrate Vicky's Birthday. A very busy day indeed!


  1. Very cool. Hey! They have these new things called "pictures" which you may find quite interesting. I think you should give it a try! The neat thing is, one "picture" is worth one thousand words! A thousand!

    1. It's(the camera) importance over the last few weeks has been slight. When we get settled aboard....they will come.

  2. happy birthday, Vicky...big present :]


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