Thursday, October 3, 2013

Back From The Past

Here we are, newbies back on-board after a 17 year hiatus.

  After a very emotional departure of the previous owner we have the boat as our own. While he stuck around to help sort out a battery problem that he felt was only "right" that it be good to go before he left, we were timid about changing anything aboard the boat, all the while, as he told us how he did this and why he did that and I always do this, and I keep this here. After 14 years, a man knows just about where everything is, when he saw it last and I was going to this next, etc., etc,. etc. Earl let it spew out to us, as he held back tears of a life he was leaving behind while we gathered tons of information on how it all worked for him. You'll always be a part of our time on this boat captain Earl Chappell.

  Now we go through every single space and examine every single thing he left behind to determine if we keep it or pass it on to someone else in the free pile at the community center. Tough job, but day by day we make more progress to making her  "our" boat and our home. Then soon we can start to tackle projects in earnest, my guess, a week or so from now.

   WE ARE HAPPY! We Are Busy!


  1. Maybe someday in the future you'll sail into the Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend WA...

  2. I got the Nav station 90% sorted out this morning.

  3. you both are happy and busy...i'm soooo pleased for you both :]


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