Saturday, October 5, 2013

Tic, Tic, Tic, No Time For Pics

   One thing at a time, or more appropriately, one locker, one drawer, at a time. Moving aboard making a new home, on a boat that was home to another couple for almost 14 years while transforming that small space that they left full with everything but their personal items is anything but an easy task. Every nook and cranny is filled with spare parts, sheets and linens, consumables, cleaners and the whole "EVERYTHING" that's needed to maintain and live comfortably on a 42' boat in the harsh salt water environment. Stuff! So much stuff that only THEY know where it is. Our job since being aboard is to examine every single item stowed and determine if it is a) staying aboard, b) is what we have better,  c) where do "we" want it stowed so we both know the location of everything on board, d) can it withstand being stowed in the cockpit lockers or should it be kept as dry as possible below decks.

  The last few days have been both of us pulling masses of "stuff" out and laying around to sort and stow and never quite getting finished by days end, so we make a pile out of the way for the night so we can resume again tomorrow. All the while there is a mental list of projects we see in the future. First, we make her our "home,"  then we go play a little, all the while learning the quirks of an old 42' fiberglass classic sailboat.  


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