Monday, October 7, 2013

Road Trip

It's nice here and all at Brunswick Landing, but we're going to forage around by road  a bit south of here and see if we can find a suitable do it yourself working marina of at least half the price of this clean, nice, awesome bathrooms, free laundry marina we're at now.  Honestly, the weirdest thing about this dumpster. What's up with THAT? A bit to hoity toity for me, and big bucks. We don't need the frills, just want decent showers and bathrooms, and a place we can feel comfortable making sawdust....and cheap. We got a place scoped out just a 100 miles south by car from here. If we like, we'll take a week getting there by  boat at the end of the month, you know, like a little break in, back to cruising.


  1. Looks well-protected. Should be a nice trip up the river!

  2. a real working yard... but no means pretty. No chance of hoity toity at this place.

    1. Checked it out and it's everything I expected.....a dying breed of boatyard. A true "working yard" no frills, nothing fancy, just piles of dead boat parts, and most everyone working their asses off to get back "out there." Of course it also breeds the slow living scallywags full of stories and advise worth listening to. I'll feel right at home!


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