Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Day...Down Under

After spending a couple of days topside inspecting and giving some TLC to the windlass, painting chain, scrubbing anchor lockers etc. I needed a day down under......


...under the sole that is!

There are issues with the plumbing of this boat, I don't like it! As a Great Lakes boat the heads, yes two of them, were never fitted out with a direct discharge, everything, every single piece of shit has to be stored down under to await a pump out facility or a goodly sail somewhat offshore where you can then engage a macerator pump (grinds shit up) and send it to the deep to become one of this planets most important commodities for future growth, fertilizer.

It's an ugly thing and way more ugly when it has seen better days and the new hoses that once were, are now old and sucking up the nastiness of the whole fricken system and permeates it to the surface of the hose.....Ugly and did I mention smelly?

There is no business having two heads on a 42' boat with two people aboard with occasional guests. UPDATE:  You might as well ignore all this replacing shit, we're tearing it all out and going to bucket and compost......howdoyoulikemeknow?

We will eliminate one, replace the holding tank and all hose, plumb it for the ability to have a direct over the side or to the holding tank which can be sucked dry at a pumping facility or using the macerator pump be able to empty the tank at the appropriate distance from shore that those with the power to make such stupid decisions deem appropriate.

 While I'm anticipating many hours down under and up, and under and up, under and up, I thought today a good day to get in/down there and scrub a dub, flush and scrub, bilge pump, scrub, vacuum, look around at all the new places and things I'll be getting much more intimate with in the coming weeks of getting this old girl up to "my" standards. I might hold off the major plumbing until closer to hauling out of the water, it'll be safer that way!

Tomorrow I think, I'll go deeper into the butt end of the boat and start something that will end up similar to this......

This is NOT my lazzerette......but I want mine to look very similar indeed!!!!!! Tor Pinney on a Pearson 424 "Silverheels" has taken the time to do it right!


  1. Excellent blogging, sir.

    Where on earth did you learn such exquisite blogging techniques?

    You have put me right there below deck with you.

    And you have cute feet.

  2. NOT, "my feet", sorry to disappoint. I'll make a note of when I complete this project I'll add "my feet" and then you can be the judge if their cute or not!


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