Friday, October 18, 2013

I've Been Busy....In The Out Back

Way out back of the the boat is the aft lazzerette that had a funky shelf type box taking up WAY too much space and making it difficult to access port and starboard of that out back locker.

So me go in and happily .....cut it away!!!!!

The plan from here is a copy of another 424 owner who made this HUGE out back space a designated "Line Locker"....because a boat needs a line locker! Keeping in mind milk crates, five gallon and three and a half gallon pails are abundant throughout the world as easily picked from dumpsters, I'm utilizing the space with those dimensions in mind. Most all lines will hang from bars (not yet shown) conveniently placed in the center top of the out back with appropriately sized shelves port and starboard to hold various "items" essential to a salty old classic sailing vessel.

While in the depths of the out back with everyting  mon, so exposed and all  clear, I will tidy up various cables, hoses etc, before a final repainting of s/v "Painkillers" new.....Out Back!

 Do you think I'm having fun?


  1. I want to think you're having fun...every thing is looking so much :]cleaner and organized...and since that is my middle name :] I can appreciate what you are doing...simplicity and function

    1. Phrit middle name cleaner and organized....who knew?

  2. Interesting way to keep it organized. Will keep that in mind for when we get our sailboat. Cheers from Knoxville, Tn!

  3. Cheers....right back at Knoxville, Doug!

  4. The fun will come after the clean up when you can enjoy the hard work.


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