Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Weak Link

After a rain out at the end of the day yesterday giving me the perfect opportunity to not try and get everything epoxy coated after reinforcing all the hull cleats with glass fiber, I settled in to sort out an electrical monitoring issue. I'm still doing it this morning.

Electrical sorting and trouble shooting is surly one of my weakest abilities. I can chase down faulty wires with a multi-meter and usually narrow things down to find the problem in  what I call bumbling along mode. Although I can see a picture in my mind of the wires and such anything past that is a blur to me. The PO showed me how to use this very sophisticated monitoring device, the Link 10, to see where the amps are going and what everything on board draws etc. etc. Very handy seeing the solar come in while the fridge takes a little then a boost from the wind generator even down to the .1amp draw from the cabin fans. Love it! But it needs to be re synchronized since we had a battery issue that has now been resolved.

Reading the booklet to get that done is not on my exciting reading list, it's a bit like reading Italian or French, I understand a couple of words here and there, but the complete sentences are boggling. I know I have to completely charge the system, as I type, the final trickle in of  amps of the floating stage to the charger is  winding down. Now, I'll bumble through what I gotta do!

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  1. I do not envy you that task. However, if'n you do cypher it all and solve the mystery, the beer will taste sooooo much better at the end of the day. This I know.


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