Monday, October 28, 2013

Toilet Talk

 This past weekend Vicky and I have been talking toilets throughout the days and evenings. It's been the major topic of discussion and research. We're pretty darn sure.... well, we are sure we're going to attempt to simplify in a way many are afraid to try, a composting toilet on board. The initial invest of under $200 is a drop in the bucket compared to replacing the worn out and smelly system that we have now. All the associated plumbing, valves, pumps, vented loops and thru-hulls (don't forget the future maintenance) can be completely removed, gone, and never have to open up and fix a clogged head again. Liveaboard sailors know that job oh so well, very few get out of doing it at least once if your living aboard.

 There have been a couple of standard marine composting heads on the market for the past bunch of years that seem to be slowly drawing more and more customers as the restrictions on holding tank pump outs get more and more enforced. I think they are over engineered, over priced, and still need some peculiar "moisture" monitoring. It's technology that is having a slow acceptance, there must be a reason for that.

 I won't rant on how I and tens of thousands of other boaters feel about  all these ridiculous restrictions of fertilizing our waterways, so in my own way, I'll revolt and get back to as close to the bucket and chuck it method of the old days. I'll save many hundreds of dollars, almost a thousand to replace this whole system, and I won't ever have to worry about being boarded and fined, not having a valve locked in position.  I'll be taking a non smelly bag of dry poop to shore about every month and a jug of urine a tad more often. Yes, we'll have to "look" at our poop in the hole but with the proper ventilation there is no smell, none what so ever. Tell me, what's so different about facing the head with your poop in it and having to pump it down, pump after pump after pump and always hoping that it isn't "this moment" it stops pumping, got to go "in" and fix it!

 Nah, we're going to try the dry poop in a bag, just for shits and giggles! We can always go back to the other shit!!!!!

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