Thursday, October 24, 2013


Starboard cockpit locker looking aft.

I'm about to call it quits tweeking the aft lockers and see what happens with normal use of the space. This morning, when fitting out the new location for the fire extinguisher in the starboard locker (can't see it here)  I got carried away and adjusted a shelf that would allow a couple of more buckets on the lower end. Still plenty of room for miscellaneous power chords, fishing gear, dingy anchor and such all around. Also added a cleat for a future shelf in the head, a very deep locker that needs to be divided top and bottom. That one was for Vicky!


  1. Next...adjust the waterline? Is it moving up or down?

    1. I think it's moving down, and still more to go. Two heads and all their plumbing...kapoot! We're trying compost baby!

  2. Those buttons on the left...loaded missile silos?


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