Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Good Blow

  Last night the wind generator kept up a pretty steady thump, thump, whirrrrr, thump, whirrrrrrrrrrr,  throughout the night and pleasantly let me sleep knowing "something" in the form of energy was going into the batteries even as I slept and the sun didn't shine!

 The work day was blustery and that wind generator annoyed the shit out of me thumping and screeching above my right earlobe while I dipped my head in and out of the starboard cockpit  locker adding another shelf in the back end connecting it to the shelf from the aft locker. About mid afternoon while she was still blowing stink (not necessarily from the pulp factory to the NW of us) I climbed up onto the rail, shut her down, secured the blades and adjusted some bushing screws, kind of a shaft sleeve, sprayed golden magic marine lube heavily about the objectionable area of screech........ sat back with a beer to see if it did anything. Oh Baby, isn't that better?

  One more day in the aft lockers, need to relocate fire extinguisher, and generally stow what I got, then I can move on to something else. Maybe cleaning up the aft rail, move motor mount to port side, possibly relocate BBQ, mount Lifesling, ready an aft anchor and rode which will  lead me to getting the dingy properly pumped up, motor running, and new registration numbers attached etc. Then see how it all sits in the davits etc. etc.

  Too much fun!


  1. Speaking of "new"....when will you be changing the name of your vessel?

    1. We are NOT, I repeat, not changing the name of the vessel!

      We have...S/V PAINKILLER, hailing from Rochester, New Hampshire


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