Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Digging In... my big bad diesel.

 After the initial clusterfu#k run down here to Florida with coolant blowing out the radiator cap, fuel alarm screaming bloody murder, vibration at certain RPM, I never had any doubt that I would soon tackle the beast! My Westerbeast! I'm replacing "all" raw water hoses all the way back to the thru-hulls, re-routing water heater hoses, fuel return lines and a general over the top clean this fricken mess up is the newest project on the plate. I'll finish up the other side dishes I started here and there as I generally take up residence here at Westerbeke 70C central. I won't have time to repaint and set up a new fuel entry system, just get her all back to working order and.....move on. You know...that living the dream thang!


  1. Uh oh...

    Coolant blowing out the cap, presuming the system is not overfilled, is likely due a blown head gasket....

    s/v Eolian

  2. Bob, all was well after I replaced the old very dried out cap. I did go with a 2 lbs higher pressure cap and ran all day with the temp staying at 180. It wasn't until the next day on the hard that I noticed the reservoir cap had spewed. I'm hoping it's not as dire as you hint!

  3. Ken -

    I hope so too... but if the head gasket is blown, it is possible that it is due to the head being warped. You haven't had an overheating event have you?


    1. I'll just go one step at a time...I know of no overheating issues in the past so I'll take a real good look at the heat exchanger first! It's already off and I'll be testing it! Wish me luck?

    2. Robert, The heat exchanger leaked freely without pressure.
      I think that is, good luck?


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