Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Living On The Hard...at Home!

" Home"....while living the dream! Can't you "see" it? The dream I mean, warm sunny beaches, palm trees, crystal clear water in anchorages that few visit. What? You can't see it?

Had  some rain sneak up on me today so I had to improvise to keep my bench dry to continue regrouping all the plumbing projects that I created inside by redoing all the outside thru-hulls. 

The neighbor hood!

All the exterior holes that needed filling are filled to the point of one more grinding just below flush and then adding a fairing filler which will then be ready for a new barrier coat and bottom paint.

The insides are all finished, you'll have to believe me as I have no pictures. So thus pretty much wraps up all the thru-hulls and patches of the unwanted holes.  Time to be moving into the by products of all this work, namely interior plumbing...

...and let's not forget a new propeller shaft, drip-less shaft seal, coupling and the self feathering prop need to be installed and  fine tuned......you know....living the dream!

(please accept my apology for the total randomness of this post, it's the beer!)

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