Sunday, February 9, 2014

UPDATED! Heavy Scratch Bonding Glass and Goop

 Got back down in the hole, gave it a heavy Dawn and water scrubbing, light on the water, vacuum, then heavy scratching with a Sandvik carbide scraper followed by a multi-tool and curve blade grinding and scratching and grinding and digging with the hatches closed and the vacuums going to clean it all up as good as a man upside down for the second day in a row feels like doing on a Sunday!

   Then... got multiple layers of matte with epoxy down to even out the bottom,  ready for the heavy woven roving layers coming to a theater near you soon.

 Update: Monday....
       More layers of matte, a full layer of bi-axial cloth and finished up with a heavy layer of woven roving. A full 1/2" thicker tapering up the sides just on the inside. No garbage between patches on this boat. Maybe not the "best" fix (whole new super beefed up bottom that could withstand blocking in a boat yard) but, damn sure a "better" fix than a "good" fix. I've always judged the quality of a job I'm going to do as good, better, or best. I personally can never afford best unless someone else opens their wallet. The least I'll do is a good job.
 Both Vicky and I feel very good about this fix. We're way not happy that we had to do it, but when it's all painted and done it will fade away to the.....remember that fucking bilge?


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