Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine Bottom Days

   My Valentine!

Overall, the weather here in northern Florida has been the shits but today we got a break and Vicky set right to work on the bottom while I was finishing up putting all the engine pieces back together.

With all the new thru-hulls in place, the old holes all patched and barrier coated, the bottom of the keel done and coated, there is but little left to do other than giving a scratch to the existing bottom paint and laying on a couple of more good thick coats. Today Vicky bit the bullet with the sun shining and did the nasty job of  wetting and scrubbing the old paint. I screwed a scouring pad onto an old scrub brush and handle so she could pretty much stay away from drowning in a mixture of soft ablative bottom paint and water mix.

  Still a lot of details to finish up too numerous to mention before we really sail away. Our storage unit in Brunswick needs to be consolidated, but only after I get a few wood working projects out of the way and we still need to sell off the vehicles and a crap load of boat related stuff for $'s that we hope to help with a new dodger, Bimini and new outboard.

Looking at the forecast long range, it just might be starting to move into more normal days in the 60's and 70's. My bottom scratching valentine and I will not hold our breadth counting on it.
Living the dream! 


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