Friday, June 6, 2014


   After settling in here to do some minor repairs that required having parts mailed in, we got into a routine of late morning dingy ride in for shower and computer time in the lounge. Then back out to the boat for lunch or borrow some bikes and go out for a quicky lunch. All the time between? Reading frenzy! Both of us. I finished a 420 page book about the OSS during WWII yesterday at 5:00PM. I started it at noon the day before. In the last week I have started and finished 5 books, I'm not keeping count on Vicky but she too is having a reading frenzy. We sometimes pop up from our books and look at each other and laugh, feel a little funny just reading away, but we know when the frenzy is over we'll just as likely get into a working frenzy, I have the mast steps to put on. No frantic in our lives at this time.


  1. Ken - Are you still at Vero Beach? Sitting on the screened in porch with cocktails here in New Hampshire. Perfect! Too bad there's a For Sale sign on the lawn!?! - Tony

  2. Been in Stuart, headed back to Vero soon. For Sale?


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