Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New Flag

  It really does amaze me sometimes how great it feels to set a brand new flag. Even with all the shit that gets thrown out into the media, the arguments from this side, that side, the truly depressed, they that totally don't give a shit, them that have nothing but love, and those that have nothing but hate......this is America! I was brought up believing we were special.....ehhh....maybe not as special as THEY wanted me to believe, but still special enough that I can be proud to fly our flag.
  Many times in my past travels as a younger man, I've been embarrassed by loud, overbearing, demanding American tourists abroad. It's almost sick, how rude some of them were. We are NOT.....all that!!! We may have been brought up believing we are the true masters of the world....bullshit....GROW UP!  The world is moving in fast forward.
  Ahh it's almost 8:08, sunset here in Stuart Florida. I'll go and pull the brand new flag my brother sent me and roll it up for the first time. I'll feel good doing it and I'll make sure it rolls up evenly before I set it down for the night. In the morning at 8:00 AM (maybe) I'll unroll it and proudly display it off the stern of my boat......(just took it down)....so I can be reminded that I do live in a great country and I am thankful for what I have been able to accomplish as a man within it's borders. I am proud and my country's  flag means something to me. Buy yours here...http://www.flag-works.com/

Looking for a deal...Water front house and boat...

...or maybe you could swing a deal on this, for a commercial endeavor.

Wish I got this on video....once that one cow hit the water, they all came running down like it was some sort of "break out".


  1. Thats quite a project.i know exactly what your going through as i have done a lot of the same one work on an 82 424 ketch named Topaz. With her owner barb .most of the work was done in boston before she left for fla i will say i dread having a fuel tank problem. They are a well built boat and i hope to be back on board soon maybe i will see you there. Bill

  2. BTW shes on a mooring in stuart

    1. Hey Bill, Topaz is one boat over and we've met Barbara of course! You know the fuel tank wasn't have or even one quarter the trouble everyone else makes it out to be. Just what I call grunt labor, taking out the engine etc. Not difficult just disrupting while living aboard. You should see me just laying around now....not disrupted!!!!


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