Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bridge Bumping

 We managed to make our way out of Vero Beach and headed south. The plan was to carefully traverse the Okeechobee Waterway which had a recorded controlled depth of 6.8 feet and one low bridge that we may need assistance leaning the boat over to get under. Then up the west coast of FL, into the Tombigbee Canal and summer in Tennessee near the mountains.

 The Army Corp of Engineers told us there was 51.08 feet under the bridge that day and the guy who heels boats over for people (he places 55gal drums on your side deck and fills them till you clear) called to let us know he thought we could make it if we had what we thought, 48' 9". That's what our original book said. We gave it a shot at about half of drifting speed, .25 knots and I threw it into reverse at the second before we would know. Bang! Shudder! Hard in reverse! That threw us out of whack so much we decided to bee-line all the way back to the safety of Stuart, FL to regroup, rethink, and access what the true height of our mast is. The rivers have a few bridges at 52' so if we really are over 51'.....not a great plan.

  I have some pictures of the bridge but am struggling with a new computer and I really am dumber than shit with new technology so I haven't even managed to figure out how to get them off my card. Ya I's easy! Let's see you cut a compound curved radius, it's easy!


  1. Bummer. I know you guys will figure some workaround because it sounds like a great summer plan.

  2. Mast height from water...51' ...add 2' for instruments...multiple bridges below 53' in the river system so we won't be passing that way.


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