Sunday, May 11, 2014

Throwing Money Around Then Taking It Back

  We had planned to rent a car this past weekend for a couple of reasons, one, to do some shopping at a marine discount liquidators where we could get some decent prices on some pricey items, namely, deck hatches. We went through all the motions making sure that we were getting a decent deal and got the correct sizes. That we Did. What we didn't do, is a thorough side by side comparison of what we were buying compared to what originally came with the boat.
1) super deal on rental car, $10 a day, three days, total $40....
2) $1350 (through Defender online minus shipping)worth of Bomar hatches for $1030.

  After getting all the new hatches on the boat, we start seeing a big difference in the overall ruggedness of the hatches. Yes, over the past 6 months the original old Bomars had been nothing but a pain, as not dogging down well and to keep the rain out needed to be tightly dogged down at 4 points, they were just an all around pain to open and close and I never took the time to study their condition and see if I could invest time, into improving them. Let's just buy new, was how we felt at first. Now we're smarter.

These old Bomars are a much better quality offshore hatch and parts are still available to rebuild. Although these babies might need a bit more than just parts. After a thorough examination by the both of us, it looks like if I can get them to a bench and have the time, I can re-bush, re-bed, and re-gasket the whole thing and keep a whole lot of dollars in our pocket along with having strong quality offshore hatches. 

.If you look closely at these old hatches, you can see years of adding shims and washers to different dogs to make do. I feel with time I can rebuild these and if I do, I'll try to take plenty of pictures with comments about what I encounter. We threw a lot of money out for the not to be replacements.

Oh yeah, we're going to have to keep the car an extra day..$$ bring the hatches back for our refund.

Oh yeah, and my computer froze up this weekend so we felt it was about time to upgrade....we had the car.....we are so far behind in technology (that's what friends tell us)....we think we want a mobile we headed off to Best Buy and dumped another bunch of hundreds of dollar bills on a nice small PC and a new mobile devise (tablet) only to started in the car back to the boat and realize we don't really 'need' the expensive new mobile device and it's fancy cover, so we went back and returned that. Kept the PC and of course when we got back to the boat I mucked with my old one and got it going, so here I am blogging with an unopened new computer still in the box.....hmmmm. Throwing money around!


  1. This is bad for the economy. You may get a call from Obama. He has the time on his hands from his comment about the St Louis fellow.

    Lesson learned...not all tablets are the same. Baton down the hatches, even old ones.

  2. That's why the tablet went back, Michelle called and told us to be completely sure, make it a healthy choice.

  3. She is such a grand first lady, she called me too, told me our yard looked beautiful.
    Now you, with all of that running around i think you need to take a day or two and read another novel, relax, maybe take a nap.


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